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Disaster Management



Emergencies: 7-7000
Non-Emergencies: 7-3010

Disaster Operations Center - Cascade Hall 2nd Floor: 713-3555

Disaster Management Check List


  1. Remain calm.
  2. Report unsafe conditions or the need for medical assistance the Dept. of Public Safety immediately.
  3. Render First Aid if you are properly trained.
  4. Listen for announcements and follow instructions from emergency response personnel.
  5. Don't use the elevators during an emergency. Use the stairs.
  6. If you are stranded in an elevator, use the emergency phone for help, if operational.
  7. Do not drink water, use gas or electric devices until emergency personnel determined that it is safe to do so.
  8. Do not attempt to fight fire until after you have notified the Fire Department.

More Details

Disaster Management Plan


The University has developed a plan which addresses the campus management system for extraordinary situations that are likely to have a catastrophic effect on the normal functioning of the campus and the surrounding area. The Disaster Management Plan has been developed to respond to the needs of the University during a disaster and will be placed into operation by the University President when an incident reaches proportions beyond the capacity of routine procedures.

When a campus disaster is declared, a Disaster Operations Center will be established on the 2nd floor of Cascade Hall. All dangerous situations and the need for medical assistance or rescue should be reported to the Disaster Operations Center (713-3555). If the telephone system is not operational, radio communications centers will be established. Housing and Dining facilities will also be established for those who must remain on campus.